Tanyous Group

  • Tanyous group for export & import is an Egyptian company specialised in international trade.
    We place our knowledge and experience at our clients and suppliers to fully assist them increase their business volume, position their brands and strengthen their corporation image by increasing the import and export of their products.
  • Our professionals are experts in international trade, with extensive experience in local as well as multinational firms.
  • Their wide range of experience in different industries and markets ensure clients the most profitable solutions.
  • We add value when it comes to making key business decisions.
  • Tanyous group acts as a business representative for the Import, Distribution, Export and Partnering of an extensive range of products.
  • We establish communications with suitable channels, to ensure Win – Win agreements, and take care of all necessary procedures and arrangements, according to the instructions from both parties.

Tanyous group for Export, Import, trading agencies & Logistic services acts as a business representative for;


Wide range of Egyptian and imported products for sale throughout the world.
Wide range of raw & building materials such as: Salt, Silica, Ilmenite, Phosphate, talc, Kaolin, Cement, Steel,…..

Import & Distribution

Selection of products that are highly suitable for trading in Egyptian and African Markets.


we use the best quality raw material directly extracted from our quarries and salinas. And the best production lines from crushers and washers. We are an agency for quarries and Salinas from the government and the Army forces service center.
Partners on the best quarries, salinas and cracking, crunches, washers

Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies such as Micro centrifuge tube, cannula, Syringes, Thermometers, Sharpener containers,…..

Personal Care

Personal care such as facial tissue, wet wipes, baby wipes, baby & adult diapers, Sanitary napkins, Daily panty liners,….. Trading agencies: We have grown in both quality & quantity, thanks to our partners for their great trust in our company by letting us Sole agency for them on Egypt and Africa. We facilitate agreements between companies to establish two-way commercial relations.

Logistic Services

focuses on the total logistics process, striving to integrate all aspects of physical cargo movements, vendor and document management, information flow, visibility and control. Our global presence ensures a fast, reliable, secure and professional service.